Trust Building Systems (TBS) was founded in 1999 to pioneer new processes for group trust building and retirement planning.


Trust. Who Needs It?

"Most of us know when we get to the point that we trust somebody but we're not always sure how we got there"

I do. You do. We all need and want more trust in our lives but what is it that makes trust so important? The answer may be obvious but it comes with complications.

We want to live our lives in a peaceful, progressive and prosperous way. To do that we need to trust and to be trusted. As we mature we come to understand that people working together can accomplish what would not be possible for us alone. So in our efforts to live and prosper we join the trusting collective hoping to satisfy our expectations. But these expectations can be jarred.


Most of us know when we get to the point that we trust somebody but we’re not always sure how we got there. Inherently, we value trust and know the meaningful contribution it can make to living the kind of life we desire. But if it’s valuable, why is it hard to pinpoint the actions or behaviors that lead us to trust, and more importantly, to be trusted.


Trust doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that involves an array of behaviors, emotions and non-verbal communications signals. Take a moment to consider what your life might look like if you knew exactly what the trust building process looked like. Could you connect with your employees better at work? Could you become a better parent at home?


Imagine having the desire to drive to a friend’s house but when you get there, you realize you don’t know how you arrived. The Trust Building process takes the mystery out of becoming a trustworthy person at home and in the workplace. It is a road map that will guide you from departure to your end point: a trust filled relationship.


So what is your plan for growing trust with others? For becoming trustworthy yourself? If you don’t have one, 2014 is the year to make it happen.


Let’s connect – you and I – to begin the trust building process that I know can make a positive difference in your life and the life of others.




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